testimonials-kevin,ashley, cassandra

Kevin,Ashley & Cassandra

Why should I play in this tennis program? Well it helps me with learning, I’ve also been in it for 3 years because I’ve improved in lots of ways.
Cassandra – 3 year student

The reason why I have been in the tennis program because 3 years ago I was looking for something I was good at and passion about, so when my aftercare Director came in my classroom and she said you want to join a tennis group. So I said I will give it a shot even though I’m not good so when I got there I was working hard with the coaches and I continue to sign up every year till on day I will be a future tennis player or professional.
Ashley – 3 year student

I stay because it really is fun. We can hang out with our friends. We learn about tennis and know all about each other and the coaches. And I love everybody in the tennis program
Kevin – 3 year student

My name is Mrs. Burns-Saul and I am the tennis counselor for the Achievement Centers for Children and Families. The coaches are professional and loving to the students. This program is an outlet and safe haven for these children. The children feel loved and a part of their families and lives. They also get help from the educational part of the program with lesson in reading, writing, social studies, health and science because of this the kids improve in their studies in school.
Mrs. Burns-Saul

My name is Johnny Bennett and I am the Afterschool Director for Achievement Centers for Children and Families at Village Academy, a public choice school that is a Pre-K-12 Small School Continuum. One hundred percent of our youth are minority: Black, Haitian or Hispanic. Approximately 60% live in a single parent household where English is not the first language. Ninety-seven percent qualify for a Free Lunch which means we serve 100% poor, at risk youth.
The Delray Beach Tennis Youth Foundation program has been providing tennis to our students for several years and has been a beneficial contribution that helps bridge the gap that often exists between schools and communities. The program provides the students with active, hands on learning experiences using a wide variety of materials and educational opportunities. They not only provide tennis lessons, but also help the students with homework, self-behavior management, social life skills, etiquettes and the game of tennis.
In addition to bringing tennis to our students, they also brought their love, hard work, dedication, strong characters and a willingness to help our students grow. We have seen an impressive significant increase in the student’s behavior and their overall ability to play the game of tennis.
Without the tennis program, our students would never have had the opportunity to see and meet tennis professionals at major tennis match such as the Delray Beach Open which is actually held just down the street from where some of the student live. The program increases the likelihood for the students achieving educational success by helping to create environments where learning tennis is fun and attending school is the norm.
I’d like to personally thank Coach Kathy, Coach Don, Coach Elizabeth, Coach Diane and their team for all that they have done and all that they continue to do to support not only the students of Achievement Centers for Children and Families, but also the quality of family life for our students.

Jonny Bennett, Afterschool Director at Village Academy