Our Story

Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2015. DBYTF was created by enthusiastic and concerned people who wanted to improve the lives of underserved students living in Delray Beach. Our program focuses on the whole child, instilling the values of leadership, academic excellence and healthy habits – all through the game of tennis. As a National Junior Tennis and Learning Chapter, DBYTF uses their tested, out-of-school-time Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) curriculum, which is designed to support academic achievement, promote health and wellness, and build both social and emotional skills. The curriculum guides children through educational processes that include decision-making, problem solving and working together toward a common goal.

In addition to physical fitness gained doing tennis drills, the ACE program also provides opportunities for team building and developing better communication skills through speaking clearly, listening to others, and even writing. The National Arthur Ashe Essay Contest was created to celebrate and reflect the tennis legend’s legacy, both on the court and as a humanitarian. Every year through National Junior Tennis and Learning and the Arthur Ashe Foundation, an essay question is asked of participating students. For the past two years, DBYTF students have won the national contest in the 10-and-Under age group.

The Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation’s objective is to make sure that every student is given the opportunity to express his or her ideas, and has the tools needed to be successful in life. Providing a fun outlet after school also boosts school attendance. Currently we are working with the afterschool programs from The Achievement Center, Boys and Girls Club and Parks and Recreation. Most of our students have never played tennis or been a part of an athletic team. We welcome all students who would like the opportunity “to try,” because we have witnessed students for whom the act of trying and finding their own successes gave them self-confidence to try other things as well.